UAS Frangibility

August 2021 - May 2023

This research project's purpose is to measure the impact of having frangible, or easily breakable, wings in regards to reducing the force transfer during impact. This can be applied so that UASs will be safer to operate in urban environments. The CEAT Undergraduate Research Scholarship and the Wentz Research Scholarship financed this project across 2 years. This project was presented at the 2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium at Oklahoma State University, 2023 Oklahoma Research Day at the Capitol, the 2023 Wentz Research Scholar Symposium, and the 2023 AIAA AVIATION Forum with Dr. Jamey Jacob as the mentor. Below is the manuscript link, as well as the presentation poster.

Publication: Improving the Safety of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Commercial Operations

The Frangibility Poster