Speedfest Orange Team, Phoenix

January 2023 - May 2023

This project was a senior capstone project at Oklahoma State University with two teams of 22 students, Black and Orange team, divided into various subteams to create a high speed UAV with rocket integration. The objectives were to be able to fly with an endurance of 4 minutes, a pylon race with the time for pylons being taken from the glide time from a rocket assisted take off, and a maximum speed within 10 seconds of launch. Other objectives included creating a marketable aircraft that had a low cost as well. Constraints included a maximum 5s Lipo battery, a 40 Amp fuse for the ESC, and a maximum F Class solid rocket motor.

The final plane design was characterized as a flying wing with endplates at the end of the wings with elevons for control. The wingspan was 2.8 ft. A balsa spar ran along the wing, with a carbon fiber bulkhead. The skin was carbon fiber and fiberglass lamina, with balsa core. The plane featured a nose propeller and a rear rocket that could be ignited midair. The gross total takeoff weight was 2.2 lbs.

The maximum recorded speed achieved with a midair ignition was 245 mph during the competition. A launch rail- pulley system was utilized for nonrocket takeoffs. At the conclusion of the Speedfest Competition, Orange Team set the alltime speed record of 240 mph. However, due to controversial scoring utilized in a marketing category, Orange Team narrowly lost the competition. Below is the YouTube marketing video. The capstone advisor was Dr. Andy Arena.

Video: Speedfest 2023 Orange Team - Phoenix

Phoenix 1 Phoenix 2

Phoenix 3 Phoenix 4

Phoenix 5 Phoenix 6